It costs 152€ a year to keep up Clanhouse running are you willing to help out?

What we offer to our donors
Donors who gave out more than 5€ are eligible for these perks from us:

  • Donor Badge on our TeamSpeak server, forums, and future game servers
  • Ability to request which game server will Clanhouse host next.
  • Increased number of private room sub-rooms from 3 to 5 on our TeamSpeak server
  • You will be listed in our donor list

Ways how to donate:

1. PayPal

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2. Bank Transfer directly into our transparent bank account

Bank account number: 2301674710 / 2010
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· Always put your nickname into the comment field while donating, it will make things easier for both sides ^^
· Please note, due to PayPal’s transaction fees, we will not receive the full amount of your donation

Disclaimer: All donations are non-refundable. Clanhouse honors the donor’s perks whenever possible. In rare cases when that is not possible, donations will be used where needed. Therefore, donors explicitly release Clanhouse from any restrictions on how those funds are spent. By donating via PayPal you agree to have your PayPal transaction information publicly listed in our annual PayPal report.