TeamSpeak Rules


· Ignorance of the rules does not excuse you.

· Admins are always right (at least they say so)

· No trolling and annoying other users

· Useless kicks, bans or any abuse of rights is strictly prohibited

· No console log spamming (Useless moving from room to room in short intervals)

· All types of adverts or commercials are prohibited

· If you want to post something into a server (full) chat please post only arguable threads which can other users react at.

* If you are annoyed by people sending Global messages use this tutorial

· Poke spam is prohibited

· Vulgar language at admin team, families, etc. is prohibited

· Vulgar nicknames, private room names, etc. are prohibited

· Explicit or vulgar avatars are prohibited. Every avatar must be rated “G” (

· Every user will be punished if will be breaking rules with no exceptions! (All users are equal)

· Every ban have own reason, if not read again point number 2


· Every new subchannel must be allowed by admin team

· Maximal number of subchannels for 1 private room is 3

· Names of all rooms must contain only basic characters (spaces, A-Z, 0-9) and only english characters (usage of apostrophe is allowed)

· Basic number of slots for 1 entire private room is now unlimited

· Any changes of room’s config without server owner’s permission is prohibited!

· Creating subrooms for the anothor subroom is not allowed (channel can only have 3 subrooms under the root room)

· Private rooms can’t have talk power set to more than 0

· It is strictly prohibited to change structure of the server (moving room’s position without permission) – Only admin team is allowed to change the structure

· If any rule written above will be broken by room’s owner his/her private room will be permanently deleted and his/her account will receive 1 WP! Room’s description change is allowed without permission

· Rooms that were not visited for 21 days will be auto-removed

· Administrator reserves right to anytime delete room which is breaking rules (or was not used enough)!


Every user can receive Warning Points for his behavior

2 WP = 1 hour ban

4 WP = 24 hour ban

6 WP = 1 week ban

8 WP = 1 month ban

10 WP = permanent ban

· Number of WP is going to reset every new year (1st of January)

· If a user has 2 WP or more he/she will lose all of their permissions

Owner of the server reserves right to change of rules anytime
Last update: 31.5.2018