Server Announcements

7.7.2018 We are now working on Black Mesa RP server for Gmod! We plan to make it like the good old times 13.12.2016 Our TeamSpeak was finally transformed into a new version and we will make only small changes in interface now. We hope you like it! 🙂 13.12.2016 TeamSpeak server is temporarily down for reconfiguration a permission editing 10.12.2016 Our website is almost finished and will be live soon. Right now we just need to fill our page with some content. We will also announce when will be our TeamSpeak server shutdown for maintenance (we don’t know how long it will take). 24.11.2016 ClanHouse page is down for maintenance. After finishing web page we are going to shut down TeamSpeak 3 server for the public (admin access only) for full maintenance including an upgrade to newest version, language change, and layout maintenance. After opening a web page and reopening TeamSpeak server we are going to ask for NPL license because of a high amount of daily users.